Democratic State Rep Jack Franks

Letter: No wonder Franks is leaving General Assembly

Congratulations to Rep. Jack Franks for his dramatic decision to leave the Illinois House of Representatives to run for chair of the McHenry County Board. The dysfunction created and exacerbated by the General Assembly’s “leadership” makes Illinois the laughingstock of the nation. National publications frequently cite Illinois as being hapless in solving pressing problems, and [Read More]

Springfield is Broken

Illinois House passes bill barring new county board members from receiving IMRF pensions

May 30th, 2016: Althoff’s original bill required local elected officials participating in IMRF to keep records of their hours. It initially passed the Senate. Franks, with Althoff’s permission, added an amendment in the House to bar newly elected board members from receiving IMRF pensions. “Public dollars should be spent on critical services and infrastructure, not [Read More]

Jack Franks: Springfield Too Busy Getting Elected To Do Job

Sara Burnett on May 30th, 2016: Each side is preparing to spend millions as Rauner and other Republicans campaign to weaken the Democrats’ years-long dominance in the General Assembly. Republicans paint Democrats as interested only in raising taxes and opposing reforms, while the Democrats accuse the GOP of trying to help the wealthy at the [Read More]