Letter: Use Sound Fiscal Sense

Kenneth Linde of McHenry on June 2nd, 2016: Part-time jobs! Full-time pensions! No wonder there is a mass exodus from Illinois. When, how and why did serving the community become so lucrative? Public service is intended as just that, service to the community, not a way to pad one’s pocket for a part-time job. Rep. [Read More]

Jack Franks: Real People are Going to Suffer. Real People are Going to Die.

By Eric Pianin on June 2nd, 2016: For years, the Land of Lincoln has led the nation in state budget shortfalls, pension fund crises and unpaid bills to public universities, schools, social service agencies, druggists and vendors. Back in January 2011, then-Democratic Governor Pat Quinn and the Democratic-controlled state legislature rushed to enact a major [Read More]