Guest Column: Continuing to fight to cut your property tax bills

WOODSTOCK – When property tax bills went out earlier this month, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that the McHenry County Board did its part for taxpayers by reducing its levy by 11.2 percent. Many taxpayers saw their bills dip, but many did not. While we lowered our levy like I promised [Read More]

Committee to discuss reducing size of McHenry County Board

WOODSTOCK – The McHenry County Board Ad Hoc Committee on Governmental Consolidation will meet to discuss reducing the County Board’s size after the 2020 U.S. Census. Board Chairman Jack Franks will reconvene the committee at 5 p.m. Tuesday to debate the matter. “McHenry County’s voters spoke loud and clear in a 2016 referendum that the [Read More]

McHenry County Board invites school districts to discussion on cutting property taxes

WOODSTOCK – McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has invited officials from nine area school districts to open a discussion about what districts can do to lower their property tax levies. In March, voters approved an advisory referendum asking school districts to cut their property tax levies by 10 percent. The discussions follow on the [Read More]