Betterment of McHenry County


Published: Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016 5:30 a.m. CDT

I’ve been reading letters to the editor regarding Rep. Jack Franks stating a common theme. He ran for an elected office more times than he thought was necessary. As it turns out, government moves slowly, but when you work for the good of the people, they stick with you when you are doing a good job.

Rep. Franks has always represented the people of McHenry County with their best interest in mind. Rep. Franks has never voted for a tax or fee increase. He has rooted out government corruption. He is passionate about tax relief, cutting waste and insider deals that cost taxpayers millions.

The well-informed, intelligent voters continue to support Franks for a simple reason. He supports them. Join me in voting for Jack Franks for County Board chairman this November, so he can continue to work for us for the betterment of McHenry County.

Sharon Gustafson