June 6, 2016

Building a Stronger McHenry County

Rep-Jack-Franks-Public-3As a third-generation McHenry County resident, Jack and his family care deeply about our community.  Jack is running for County Board Chairman to address some of the serious problems which face McHenry County families.

McHenry County is losing residents – fewer people live in our county now than during the 2010 census – and that has a harmful impact on our ability to attract resources and employers.  Growth has stagnated because of sky high property taxes, transportation and infrastructure problems, and inefficient county government.

Jack Franks has the right background to help address McHenry County’s challenges. He is pro-smart growth and pro-business.  Jack is an accessible consensus builder who has good relationships with both business and labor.  This will be critical in efforts to improve county infrastructure.

Here are some of Jack’s specific goals for building a stronger McHenry County:

  • Reduce the County share of the property tax levy by 10% to help reverse our population decline and attract investment and employment.
  • Bring numerous McHenry County stakeholders and community leaders together to implement smart, strategic growth plans through consensus building.
  • Facilitate highway access in McHenry County to help address traffic issues and reduce commute times.  McHenry County has the largest population of any county in the United States without a major highway entrance or exit. Jack supports giving McHenry County residents access to 1-90 at Route 23 in Marengo.
  • Create a roundabout in Woodstock on Charles Road to ease traffic flow and improve safety.
  • Work with law enforcement agencies, educators, mental health professionals, youth and community leaders to coordinate a strong response to the heroin epidemic which is decimating many McHenry County families.
  • Demand full reports and complete transparency on any corporate tax breaks in the county to ensure that county residents are benefitting and employment is increasing.  Tax policy should not be used to benefit wealthy and connected insiders.