Chicago Tribune Lends Support to Jack Franks Government Consolidation Reforms


Editorial Board on February 23rd, 2016:

This is where some Democrats in the legislature will say they don’t want any part of four government streamlining bills that Rauner supports, even though state Rep. Jack Franks, Democrat of Marengo, is co-sponsoring two of the bills.

But we hope every legislator considers these bills as a small down payment on government economizing, a goodwill gesture to the millions of Illinoisans who will resent sending one more dollar to a state government that, for many decades, has spent this state into insolvency — unable to pay its bills as they come due.

Many of those Illinoisans have read plenty about those 7,000 local governments, a number unmatched by any other state. Many of those governments primarily benefit employees who are piling up pension points for their nicely funded retirements. Last May the Illinois Supreme Court, in striking down an attempt to curtail public pension benefits, noted that governments do have the power to control their expenses. And one sure way to curb future pension spending is to eliminate many of these local governments.

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