County board should join Franks in effort to cut taxes – Jack Franks

County board should join Franks in effort to cut taxes

To the Editor:

County Board Chairman Jack Franks is pushing hard to cut the county’s property tax levy by at least 10 percent.

He has come up with creative and innovative ideas to save taxpayers a million dollars without any cuts to services. This is the kind of bold leadership that is desperately needed in government right now.

It is unfortunate that some County Board members such as Donna Kurtz and Chuck Wheeler just don’t understand that cutting property taxes is the only way to put McHenry County back on track.

Kurtz remarkably voted against cutting any property taxes, and Wheeler actually suggested that the county should increase fees on people who are delayed in paying their property taxes.

It is the type of tired, old, business-as-usual thinking by Wheeler and Kurtz that has led McHenry County to have some of the highest property taxes in the nation, while our population shrinks every year.

Fortunately, we do have a champion in Franks, who is fighting the efforts by these obstructionist board members to overtax and overcharge us.

Both Kurtz and Wheeler are up for re-election in March. Taxpayers should stand up to them and vote them off the board.

The rest of the board should join Franks in the effort to cut our property taxes, or voters will feel the same way.

Wes Pucinski

Crystal Lake