County needs Franks on board


To the Editor:

The attacks on state Rep. Jack Franks are laughable. They call Jack a liar because he changed his mind and decided to run for County Board chairman, and they call him crooked because he served more than three terms in the state House of Representatives.

I am glad Jack listened to his constituents and stayed longer than he initially planned in Springfield. Jack often is the only voice of reason in the capitol. Without him, Blagojevich never would have been impeached. Jack conducted the first audits ever of a sitting governor in Illinois history. Jack rooted out corruption in his own party. He is a true reformer we can rely on. Jack also single-handedly stopped Speaker Michael Madigan’s millionaire tax as well as a progressive tax increase. Without Jack’s leadership in Springfield, McHenry County would not even be on the political map.

I understand his decision to seek the County Board chairmanship. Our county has fought Jack on his reform efforts that would save taxpayers money. The board has hired lobbyists with our tax dollars to fight Jack’s efforts to lower our property taxes. They came out against Jack’s consolidation law that allows the county to streamline government.

Jack wants to implement the reforms he has passed to help McHenry County. The only way that will happen is if he is the new chairman of the County Board. McHenry County needs Jack Franks as its board leader if we are ever to have real reforms and tax relief.

Robert Hoerter

Crystal Lake