June 6, 2016

Eliminating Government Waste and Fraud

JackWithDennisMiller111009In order to reduce the tax burden on McHenry County families, Jack Franks will work hard – starting on his first day in office – to eliminate waste and fraud in county government. He will conduct a comprehensive review of all county spending and ask the tough questions necessary to determine where waste can be eliminated. He will examine questionable county contracts to make sure that insider politicians are not profiting on the backs of overtaxed families.

Jack Franks’ record is one of action – not just talk – when it comes to fighting government waste and fraud.  He launched an investigation in to the full-time taxpayer-funded pensions that McHenry County Board Members were receiving for part-time work. He discovered that many County Board Members were likely not working the required 1,000 hours per year necessary to qualify for their generous state pensions. Jack then built a bipartisan coalition to pass legislation banning the practice of full-time pensions for part-time work for McHenry County Board Members and other local politicians throughout the state.  Click here to read recent news coverage on Jack’s groundbreaking legislation.

Jack has never been afraid to stand up to powerful politicians – of both parties –  to fight government waste and fraud.  Some of Jack’s other recent initiatives to reform government include: