Endorsements of Jack Franks

Former Village of Lakewood President Erin Smith

pres-erin-smith-of-lakewoodJack Franks has established a reputation in Springfield as someone who supports legislation that protects the rights of taxpayers, even when this means voting against party lines. Many people talk about fighting for lower taxes during an election, but you have actually proposed and supported legislation that does this.

You also appreciate the importance of investing in infrastructure to support economic development. I am deeply concerned by recent campaigns that pledge reductions in transportation budgets. Most residents drive to work or own businesses that transport goods and services in and out of McHenry County. As the only county in Illinois without an interstate highway, we need additional funding for our roads to keep our existing businesses and attract new businesses.

As County Board Chairman, I believe you would have the opportunity to make an even bigger impact on our day to day lives.

Former City of McHenry Mayor Susan E Low

mayor-low-2013-photoAs Representative of the 63rd District, Jack Franks has been a great friend to the City of McHenry. He has consistently been available and accessible to us in meeting the needs of our residents. He reaches out to us regularly, and is very in tune with the goals of our community.

Jack would be an excellent leader for the McHenry County Board. He is a dedicated public official who has the ability to work in a collaborative and positive manner with other elected officials to act in the best interest of our country. I support Jack Franks and believe that he would be an excellent County Board Chairman. We need a strong leader.

City of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, Ph.D.

b_sagerJack Franks has served the best interests of the 63rd District of the Illinois House of Representatives by getting to know residents and being supportive of our needs. He is a highly engaged State Legislator who is not afraid to stand up and voice opposition or to reach across the isle when it is the right thing to do. That is the type of leadership we need on the McHenry County Board.

As County Board Chairman, Jack would assume the leadership role with the same level of enthusiasm and dedicated effort he has evidenced in the General Assembly. He will listen to people and then work in a sensible, collaborative and fiscally responsible manner to address our needs and move our country forward.

I urge voters to support Jack Franks in the first county-wide election for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Village of Greenwood President John D Ferris

johnferrisOver the course of the past 14 years, I have come to know State Representative Jack Franks as both a friend and loyal political servant of McHenry County and the State of Illlinois.

I have to come to know Jack Franks to be an admirable leader and someone who continues to see the people within his district. He is aware of the struggles of the common person, whether that person be a farmer or a business owner. Franks has remained accessible to the people he serves.

As both a resident within Jack Franks district and a member of local government, I sincerely believe we benefit from his continued service in government.

Whatever level of government Jack Franks chooses to serve, he will continue to receive my full support, as well as my family’s support. Our community is better for his willingness to continue to serve us.

Former Village of McCullom Lake President Terry Counley

terry-pic-3I don’t often get the chance to tell you how much I, and the Village of McCullom Lake, appreciate the hard work that you have done for us over the years. Between the brain cancer scare as well as the electric power outages that the village used to have, there was a very large black cloud over the village. When people heard the name McCullom Lake, they ran.

Thanks to all the calls you made to the proper people, as well as the several town hall meetings that you had here, the black cloud has lifted. Things are very good here now.

You know, I have been bugging you for years to run as Governor, and I understand why you wouldn’t, especially now days. But, we need you here in McHenry County. I think with the way you are relentless with your missions, you would make a great County Board Chairman.

The same old stuff is getting very old. We need some new blood with some new ideas and the courage to chase those ideas. We would lose you in Springfield but we need you here in McHenry County more right now.

Former City of Harvard Mayor Jay T Nolan

nolanI would like you to know what a great job Rep. Jack Franks has done for McHenry County as our State Representative. I believe you would be the best County Chairman, McHenry County could ever ask for.

Former Mayor of Marengo Don Lockhart

100_0743As County Board Chairman, Jack will face McHenry County’s property tax and employment challenges head on in order to get McHenry County moving in the right direction.

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The Northwest Herald


In 2014, voters passed a referendum to change the way the McHenry County Board chairman is elected.

Up until now, every two years after an election, the 24 members of the County Board would meet and vote on a chairman from among their own.

For the first time Nov. 8, county voters will popularly elect their chairman when they go to the polls.

Voters must decide between current County Board member Michael Walkup, a Republican, and longtime state Rep. Jack Franks, a Democrat.

Franks has served McHenry County residents in the Illinois House since 1999. He is a fiscal conservative and outspoken advocate for taxpayers.

Serving under powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan, Franks has been an independent voice in Springfield who has opposed the speaker’s attempts to pass a progressive income tax, a millionaire’s tax and other tax increases. He also opposed the middle-of-the-night, 67-percent income tax increase that Madigan, Gov. Pat Quinn and a lame-duck General Assembly foisted on taxpayers in 2011.

Franks championed legislation to eliminate retirement benefits for part-time members of county boards and transit agency boards.

If elected, Franks said he will continue to fight for taxpayers.

“The only way to reduce taxes is for government to spend less – that is what I will fight for,” Franks said in response to a Northwest Herald questionnaire. “I will require a ‘zero based budget.’ This means that – instead of using last year’s budget numbers as a starting point, we start from scratch and justify every penny that government agencies claim to need. We will scrutinize every expenditure.”

Franks promises to reduce the county’s levy by 10 percent and use his bully pulpit to persuade other local taxing bodies to reduce their levies. He also supports reducing the size of the County Board from 24 members to 12 and changing to single-member districts.

Franks has earned the endorsements of most of the county’s Republican mayors and village presidents.

Walkup, of Crystal Lake, has been a County Board member since 2012. He previously served on the Crystal Lake Park District Board.

We endorse Franks.

The Chicago Tribune

Chicago-Tribune-LogoA big thumbs-up for Jack D. Franks of Marengo, the former Illinois lawmaker best known for calling out his own Democratic Party for excessive taxing and spending. Franks says he will propose to cut the county’s portion of the property tax levy by 10 percent “on my first day in office.” We like the sound of that. And we hope it sets the stage for even more. Franks is our choice over Republican Michael J. Walkup, a County Board member, organic farmer and Crystal Lake attorney.

The Daily Herald

dailyheraldlogoFor the first time, voters in McHenry County next month will elect not just their county board representatives, but also a chairman to preside over the board’s activities. They’ll decide between Republican Michael Walkup, a current board member from Crystal Lake, and Democratic state Rep. Jack Franks of Marengo, who is leaving his seat in the Illinois House after 18 years to run for the new post.

Both have staked a claim as the reform candidate in their often-feisty campaigns. They’ve clashed over taxpayer-funded pensions, financing for the Valley Hi nursing home and infrastructure needs, while also finding room for agreement on issues such as reducing the size of the county board. What stands out in particular and informs our endorsement is the candidates’ views on the roles and responsibilities of the chairman.

Walkup says state law makes the post largely a ceremonial one, with duties limited mostly to setting agendas, appointing committees and running meetings. He says his relationships with other board members and county officials would allow him to work positively with the panel and accomplish more than Franks, who he accuses of having a “hostile” approach.

Franks has a more dynamic role in mind for the chairman. He sees the office as a bully pulpit from which to spearhead reform in all parts of county government. In our view, McHenry County voters didn’t decide by referendum in 2014 to make the chairman an elected office because they wanted someone who would simply run meetings and sign off on agenda. They want someone to lead and bring change.

Because he embraces that role, and is better suited to fulfill it, we endorse Franks.