First phase to fix hazardous Nunda Township intersection complete


June 23, 2017

WOODSTOCK — The McHenry County Division of Transportation (MCDOT) has completed a short-term project in an effort to reduce severe car accidents at an intersection in Nunda Township, according to a news release from MCDOT.

The release states that the intersection of River Road and Charles J. Miller Road in Nunda Township had been the site of an increasing number of car accidents resulting in serious injuries and even deaths. In early May, MCDOT Director Joseph Korpalski brought the issue to the attention of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack D. Franks, D-Marengo.

“The increasing number of tragedies at River Road and Miller Road meant our county government had to act,” Franks said.

The two discussed both short and long-term options. Franks directed MCDOT to reconfigure traffic signals at the intersection as a short-term solution. Drivers are now prohibited from turning left northbound to westbound, except on a green left arrow. Previously, these turns were permitted during green lights.

“Protecting the lives of residents is my highest priority as Chairman,” Franks said. “And we hope that the improvements to this intersection reduce the number and severity of accidents there.”

MCDOT will continue to analyze potential long-term solutions that might stem the increase in severe accidents, according to the release.