Franks’ numerous accomplishments


To the Editor:

In 150 words, I’ll try to highlight a few of Jack Franks’ accomplishments:

• Led the investigation and impeachment of Rod Blagojevich

• Voted against every tax and fee increase

• Chaired the consolidation commission and passed landmark laws for consolidation

• An independent voter, his loyalty is to his constituents, not a party

• Helped pass landmark ethics reforms

• Fought pay-to-play culture in Illinois and McHenry County

• Played a key role in the fight for jobs, tax reform and quality schools

• Passed legislation to broaden taxpayers’ rights during assessment appeals

• Secured grants for school and library construction

• Brought upgrades to McHenry County roads and highways, including Route 14 and Routes 47, 173 and 120

• Ended the flawed privatization of the Illinois Lottery

I could go on, but you get the idea. Please vote Jack Franks in as our new chairman of the McHenry County Board.

Stephen Haanio