Franks proposes longer waiver for late fees, interest for second installment of property taxes

Just two days after Republican McHenry County Board members announced a proposal to waive late fees and interest on property tax payments for 45 days, County Board Chairman Jack Franks, along with four Democratic board members, proposed a resolution to double that period to 90 days.

The initial proposal, which passed through the Finance and Audit Committee on Thursday morning, would not give taxpayers enough extra time to pay the second installment of this year’s property taxes, Franks said in a news release Thursday afternoon.

“While I applaud the effort to give property owners struggling under the economic burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a 45-day reprieve isn’t enough,” Franks said in the release. “We approved a 90-day waiver for the first installment, so there’s no reason why we can’t approve a 90-day waiver for this second one.”

Under this new resolution, late fees and interest on property tax payments would be waived until Dec. 15, rather than Oct. 31 as the initial proposal suggested, according to the release.

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