Franks Questions about County Pension Abuse Spreads to Sangamon County

Bernard Schoenburg on May 7, 2016

My guess is State-Journal-Register-Logoprobably a few committee chairs and … definitely Chairman (Andy) Van Meter would be the only ones that would probably meet that threshold,” said board member Tony DelGiorno, D-District 22. He said he only learned in recent weeks of the 1,000-hour requirement in place for most members of the county board.

The issue has been spotlighted recently after state Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, questioned if board members in his home county of McHenry were actually working 1,000 hours. Most members of that 24-member body are in the pension system.

Franks said it was over lunch with an elected official when he was told county board members there sign forms saying they will work 1,000 hours a year to be in the system. Franks doubts that all board members in the pension system are meeting that standard.

“Some of these guys who are claiming it, it’s physically impossible,” Franks said.

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