Franks will shake up county government


To the Editor:

I entered County Board chairman candidate Jack Franks’ Crystal Lake Town Hall meeting as an undecided voter and left as an enthusiastic Franks supporter. I was impressed with Mayor Aaron Shepley’s introduction and endorsement and learned most every mayor, all Republicans, also have endorsed Franks.

Jack answered every question openly and honestly, and his realistic plan to reduce the county tax levy by 10 percent makes perfect sense. Franks gave detailed answers and real life examples to demonstrate his plan. It is clear that with Jack as the chairman, the county government will be much more transparent, accountable and citizen-friendly. He will not tolerate insider deals and cronyism. Under Franks’ leadership, taxpayers will come first, and everyone will be held accountable.

Jack Franks is what McHenry County needs to reduce property taxes and to truly reform a county government that desperately needs a shakeup.

Peyton Velasquez