Group of Lawmakers Call to Stop Lame Duck Tax Hike

Posted: Jan 09, 2017 2:19 PM CST

Springfield- In the final days of the “Lame Duck” session, a group of lawmakers, including Representative Sue Scherer are calling on legislators to stop any tax increases.

Outgoing State Representative Jack Franks (D)-Marengo, led the charge in urging lawmakers to oppose any effort to raise taxes in the final days of the 99th General Assembly. The lawmakers say outgoing legislators who are not accountable to taxpayers anymore, tend to vote on tax increases during the “Lame Duck” session.

“Putting it back on the hardest working people in the state of Illinois, there is so much waste, there is so much fraud, until that is cleaned up I think it is unconscionable to go back to the people and say we are going to put it all right back on you again it’s just not the right thing to do and I will not support raises taxes in any way.” said State Representative Sue Scherer (D)-Decatur.

The discussion came after word of a “grand bargain” in the Illinois Senate came to light, which would include an income tax increase of 4.9%.

The “Lame Duck” session will end on Tuesday, January 10th. The inauguration of the 100th General Assembly takes place on Wednesday, January 11th.