Illinois House passes bill barring new county board members from receiving IMRF pensions


May 30th, 2016:

Althoff’s original bill required local elected officials participating in IMRF to keep records of their hours. It initially passed the Senate. Franks, with Althoff’s permission, added an amendment in the House to bar newly elected board members from receiving IMRF pensions.

“Public dollars should be spent on critical services and infrastructure, not on pensions for part-time board members who may not even be eligible to receive them,” Franks, D-Marengo, said in a news release issued after Monday’s vote. “We need to prevent future part-time county board officials from collecting taxpayer-funded benefits and ensure that the taxpayer dollars in this fund are not being siphoned off by elected officials who game the system.”

Earlier this month, Franks announced that he would run for McHenry County Board chairman in November instead of seek another term in the Illinois House.

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