Jack Franks Champions ‘Double-Dipping’ Pension Reform in Springfield


Madeleine Doubeck on May 3, 2016:

State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, continues to push a bill, HB1334, that would require that future local police and fire employees notify a pension fund if he or she becomes a full-time employee of another system so that their retirement annuity can be suspended until they are no longer working.

This bill passed the House 105-2 April 14 and was assigned to be heard in a Senate committee April 27. It’s designed to stop, in the future, double dipping. That’s the all-too-common situation where police and fire managers qualify for retirement, quit, collect a pension and then are rehired by their same department or another department to essentially the same or a similar job so that they can collect a pension and a six-figure salary.

Municipal officials allow it so they don’t lose good, experienced managers, but it’s gaming the system and ripping off taxpayers. Retirement should mean retirement.

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