Jack Franks is Making Property Tax Relief Happen in McHenry County

Jack Franks: Fighting for McHenry County

It’s happening.

In the face of resistance, lies and outright hostility from McHenry County’s good-old-boy political class all throughout the summer and fall, Jack Franks ran a positive campaign dedicated to McHenry County taxpayers’ top concern: runaway property taxes.

Now, less than six weeks after November’s elections, Jack Franks has already succeeded in substantially reducing property taxes in communities throughout McHenry County. And he’s just getting started.

From the Northwest Herald

McHenry Township approves reduced tax levies

Published: Friday, Nov. 25, 2016 2:16 a.m. CST

McHENRY – The McHenry Township Board unanimously voted at its Nov. 10 meeting to lower the McHenry Township tax levy by 10 percent and the McHenry Township Road District tax levy by 11 percent from the previous year.

The reduced tax levy budget was presented at the meeting by McHenry Township Supervisor Craig Adams.

“As a board, we have heard the voices and concerns of our constituents that property taxes are too high in McHenry County and McHenry Township,” Adams said. “We agree with the residents of McHenry Township that, indeed, property taxes are too high.”

Trustees Amy Mercurio of McHenry, Neal Schepler of McHenry, Gary Barla of unincorporated Johnsburg and Craig Wallace of Johnsburg all voted yes to reduce the township’s tax levy for the next property tax year. Adams also voted yes on the motion, allowing it to pass unanimously.

At the same meeting, McHenry Township road commissioner James Condon presented a reduced tax levy budget for the McHenry Township Road District.

“Due to the fact that the road district has properly maintained the township roads and have kept them in excellent condition, I can reduce the McHenry Township road paving program for the next year and pass the savings onto our taxpayers,” Condon said.

The budget called for reducing the tax levy by 11 percent from the previous year and was unanimously approved by the board for the next taxing year.

McHenry Township is not the only one. Days later, Grafton Township also voted to cut its property tax levy by 10 percent and just recently, the City of McHenry approved a three percent reduction for the upcoming fiscal year.

Before Jack ran for County Board Chairman and promised to make reducing local property taxes by 10 percent the top priority of his administration, local politicians would talk about lowering taxes while allowing our bills to skyrocket. Now, taxpayers are realizing real gains.

That’s leadership. That’s why we voted for Jack Franks.