Jack Franks: Special Sessions Until Budget Crisis Resolved


Kevin P. Craver on January 3rd, 2016:

State Rep. Jack Franks urged Gov. Bruce Rauner to call state lawmakers into special session and keep them there until a budget deal is reached.

Illinois is now in its seventh month without a budget – Rauner and legislative Democrats who control the General Assembly cannot reach an agreement on a spending plan.

The spring legislative session does not start until Jan. 13, and conventional wisdom in Springfield holds that a budget deal may not take place until after the March 15 primary election. Franks, D-Marengo, and other McHenry County lawmakers have called such a delay unacceptable.

“Taxpayers cannot afford to have Illinois’ leaders continue to pay lip service to this crisis, acknowledging the damaging effects of additional borrowing and the personal tragedies that result from service disruptions, but then act as if petty bickering is the best we can do. The leaders of any corporation facing a similar set of circumstances would be working around the clock to find solutions, but, unfortunately, this is not the case for Illinois,” Franks said in a statement.

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