Jack Franks Sponsors Bill Limiting Government Travel Expenses


Jake Griffin on Janurary 8th, 2016:

For his part, McSweeney said the bill would help scale back property tax levies by reducing spending by the various local governments in the suburbs.

“This is important because of where we stand financially as a state right now,” McSweeney said. “In my view, this will set an example and lead to lower property taxes.”

Besides prohibiting entertainment expenses, the bill would limit the amount of money that could be spent on “travel, meal and lodging expenses.” It would require a roll-call vote in open session on the payment or approval of the expenses.

The bill also outlines specific documentation required prior to reimbursement, including itemized bills that indicate what was purchased.

McSweeney said he has lined up a number of co-sponsors, including Democratic state Rep. Jack Franks of Marengo.

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