Jack Franks Takes Lead in Making Local Government More Efficient


Mark Fitton on February 5th, 2016:

The governor, lieutenant governor and a handful of legislators on Friday rolled out the first bills derived from a year-long effort focused on how to downsize Illinois’ plethora of governments.

The goal, according to those officials: Whittle down Illinois’ nearly 7,000 units of government to get the taxpayers more for their money.

“Our present system of 7,000 governments is simply unsustainable, (and) it’s also a big reason we have the second-highest property taxes in the nation” said Rep. Jack Franks of Woodstock, the lone Democratic lawmaker to speak at a Naperville news conference headlined by Gov. Bruce Rauner, R-Winnetka, and Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti, R-Wheaton.

“Our system is bloated, it’s inefficient, it’s opaque, and it’s unaccountable,” Franks said. “And our system, as a result, is open to corruption and abuse.”

“We need to stop digging a deeper hole,” he said. “It’s time for government to get out of the shadows. By implementing these ideas, I believe we can begin to restore balance, eliminate redundant governments and, most importantly, we can save taxpayers money.”

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