Jack Franks tells Springfield to Listen to their Constituents not their Party Leaders


Scott Reeder on May 29th, 2016:

In fact, every five minutes, Illinois suffers a net loss of one resident. And yet, moments after the speech, there were still some pooh-poohing that talk of this exodus of people and jobs from the state was some sort of right wing propaganda.

Well, if those lawmakers don’t believe data from moving companies, the Internal Revenue Service or the U.S. Census Bureau, maybe they should just talk to grandparents in their districts whose only interaction with out-state-grandchildren is over the telephone. Increasingly, parents are watching their adult children start their families elsewhere because the jobs just aren’t here.

Regardless, given House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton’s responses following the speech, they appear in no mood to compromise.

That’s unfortunate.

Every day Illinois goes without a budget, it goes $33 million further into the red. Middle ground is hard to find. And compromise is a rare commodity in state government.

We are eight months into the current fiscal year, and we don’t have a budget.

The wisest thing I heard following the speech was from State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Woodstock: “If the members of the General Assembly would quit listening to their leaders and start listening to their constituents, we would have a budget in no time.”

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