Jack Franks: People Are Suffering Because Springfield Is Broken

Stephanie Price on February 23rd, 2016:

FWoodstock-Independent-Logoamily Alliance has continued serving area residents needing adult day care services, memory care and respite services without full reimbursement from the state. The Illinois Department of Aging is covering costs for Family Alliance’s low-income patients who have no assets. However, the state has not reimbursed costs for low-income patients who have assets of any value, such as a home, which amounts to half of the agency’s clientele, said Executive Director Kimberley Larson….

State Rep. Jack Franks said the dilemma is precisely why he has been pushing for state legislators and Gov. Rauner to return to Springfield to work out a budget. Illinois lawmakers are  scheduled to be in session only three more days until April 3, he said. Most elected officials are focused on campaigning for the upcoming March 15 primary election instead of the budget, Franks said.

“They don’t even want to meet,” Franks said. “If we don’t meet, we can’t get anything done.  Both sides suffer under the delusion that it’s OK for some people to suffer as long as the other side gets the blame. Peoples’ lives matter. Real people are going to suffer.”

Franks said the irony is while Illinois continues to operate without an approved budget, the state is actually spending more money every day had lawmakers and the governor adopted either of the two previously presented budgets.

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