Laudible fight to end county board pensions


Dear editor,

I received Senator Althoff’s legislative report and was pleased to see she highlighted her efforts with state Representative Jack Franks in ending pensions for county board members.

These two lawmakers worked collaboratively to provide transparency to the taxpayers and to hold local elected officials accountable.

Franks’ and Althoff’s legislation will not only end pensions statewide for new county board members, it will also require those already in the system to keep detailed time sheets that are subject go FOIA. The law was written by Franks in response to the scandal of Mike Walkup and other board members who could not prove they actually were pension-eligible.

This legislation will end the taxpayer abuse of full-time benefits for part-time board members. Franks and Althoff deserve congratulations for fighting for the taxpayers and reforming a broken and corrupt system.

Ron Sersen