Legislators exposed corrupt County Board


To the Editor:

Thank you, Sen. Pam Althoff, Rep. Jack Franks and Gov. Bruce Rauner for teaming up to end the practice of County Board members receiving taxpayer-funded pensions. It is unfair that solely because of elected status County Board members are getting full-time perks for very part-time service. It also is distressing that our County Board failed to follow the law that they passed requiring proof of hours worked for pension eligibility.

Franks and Althoff addressed these issues. Any current County Board member now will have to keep detailed time sheets to prove hours worked. The real effect of this law will be to stop these pension abuses altogether.

I thank our terrific legislators for working together bipartisanly to expose and reform our corrupt County Board. If not for the efforts of Franks and Althoff, these County Board members still would be ripping the taxpayers off.

Theresa Lichte