Letter: No wonder Franks is leaving General Assembly

State-Journal-Register-LogoCongratulations to Rep. Jack Franks for his dramatic decision to leave the Illinois House of Representatives to run for chair of the McHenry County Board. The dysfunction created and exacerbated by the General Assembly’s “leadership” makes Illinois the laughingstock of the nation. National publications frequently cite Illinois as being hapless in solving pressing problems, and our once great state often ranks only slightly above bankrupt Puerto Rico (not a state) in its long-standing budget crisis, manufacturing flight, and too many other categories to mention.

Oh, but I forgot to mention that Chicago is rapidl

y moving towards claiming one of the highest murder rates in the country. Aside from that very sad fact, Illinois has plummeted to the bottom and has become virtually last in the nation, a fact unacknowledged and blithely ignored by this newspaper.

While everyone prefers to castigate the governor for his intransigence, its time to look at the General Assembly for some compromise to get Illinois back on track. Obviously, a good legislator, Mr. Franks, seems to be leaving in frustration.

Best of luck, Mr. Franks! One can only hope that you’re able to achieve many needed reforms on a county level and demonstrate to others that good government is achievable.

Kathleen Hood


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