Letter: Rep. Jack Franks Shows Political Courage

Kathy Surges of Crystal Lake on May 21st, 2016:


It is a rare thing to see someone with power willing to give it up for the greater good. That is exactly what happened when State Rep. Jack Franks passed a constitutional amendment that would allow for the voters to take the power of drawing legislative maps out of the hands of the legislature and the governor, and give it to an independent commission that is not bound by the need to keep themselves in power. This is a tremendous act of political courage by Rep. Franks.

The constitutional amendment passed the Illinois House of Representatives with more than 100 votes, making it one of the most bipartisan achievements that we have recently seen in Illinois. We need to give Franks credit for being willing to cross the aisle and work with members of the opposite party on a reform this state badly needs.

Partisan gerrymandering has undermined our government and led to a situation that has put our state in a perilous position. If this change is allowed to occur, Illinois will become a model for other states to adopt this good government reform, and our state will be in a better position for generations to come.

The people of Illinois should be deciding which officials will represent them, not the other way around.

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