Letter: We need to re-elect Jack Franks

To the Editor:

For many years, Republicans had a lock on McHenry County.

To their dismay, Democrat State House Representative Jack Franks had decided to leave Springfield after 18 years. He had determined instead to run for the position of McHenry County Board Chair.

Republicans in charge were used to choosing County Board Chairpersons with no argument from voters. Imagine the resentment of the county’s Republican office holders when Mr. Franks decided to put his name on a citizen’s advisory ballot. To the Republicans’ chagrin, McHenry County citizens voted to allow Mr. Franks to run for office. He won and is now planning to run for a second term.

Following are reasons for his re-election: as a Democrat, his concerns are for McHenry County’s residents. He has been a consistent tax fighter and advocated for a smaller County Board in order to reduce the taxes from which fewer board member salaries will be paid.

Having won that round, he is now advocating reduction of board members’ salaries by 10%.

County Board members are part-time employees and Franks has rejected the need for them to receive health care paid for by county taxpayers, especially when many members are eligible for Medicare.

When Franks suggested that, if this perk continues, members should account for their hours, this was met with an angry outcry from Republican board members, who claimed it was unreasonable for them to be held accountable.

When it was learned that the county’s Valley Hi nursing home had superfluous amounts of taxpayers’money in the bank, Franks took steps to reimburse eligible county residents.Thanks to Franks, Board members no longer receive a pension. Shortly,reimbursement for mileage to and from board meetings will end.

Franks works for transparency for the public and to provide tax relief, especially in this time of great need due to COVID-19. 

We need to re-elect Jack Franks.

Judith Vandenboom