Letter: We want solutions over obstruction on County Board


To the Editor:

I attended my first McHenry County Board meeting Jan. 17. I’ve attended quite a few Woodstock City Council meetings and expected to see the same civility and professionalism at a county level. I was wrong.

Instead of getting straight to business, many of the board members wasted a full hour arguing with Board Chairman Jack Franks about whether it was the correct time to start using a new real-time electronic voting system that shows all votes immediately.

Next came a heated debate and a vote that took discussion of two advisory referendums off the agenda. The board did this even after Franks pointed out several times that doing so would keep the advisory referendums off the April ballot. The referendums would have asked voters to weigh in on a property tax freeze and the size of the 24-member board.

I’d like to think the bickering wasn’t because Democrat Franks chairs a 24-member board comprised of 23 Republicans and one Democrat. But the amount of time many board members spent arguing with the chair over details and parliamentary procedures made that hard to believe. Here’s hoping future meetings are more about solutions than obstruction.

Eileen Millard