Jack Franks: Stop Putting Politics Over Governing

Gary Sawyer on May 22nd 2016:

Rep. Herald&Review LogoJack Franks, D-Marengo, nailed the spirit of Illinois politics with this quote as he announced he would not seek another term and instead seek election as county board chairman.

“Both sides suffer under the delusion that it’s OK that real people get hurt as long as the other side gets blamed for it.”

That statement should be placed over the entrance to the House and Senate chambers as a reminder to everyone of what really happens in those halls.

Franks has been an outspoken member of the General Assembly and is one of the few House members that regularly opposed Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago. Franks almost single-handedly derailed the Democrat’s plans to enact a progressive tax last week. In fact, even though Franks’ House seat could switch over to the Republican side, Madigan is happy to see him go.

But who wouldn’t be disgusted with what’s going on in Springfield? There’s plenty of political shenanigans going on, little of which has to do with the job of governing.

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