Press Release: Jack Franks Enters Race for McHenry County Board Chairman

Jack Franks - Fighting for McHenry CountyReducing taxes and consolidating County’s bloated bureaucracy his top priorities:

(Marengo, IL) – As McHenry County struggles with population and job loss due in large part to out of control property taxes, Jack Franks, State Representative for the 63rd District, today enters the race to become the first popularly elected McHenry County Board Chairman.

“The residents of McHenry County are over taxed. The population of our county is declining because of poor leadership in the County that relies too much on raising our taxes and too little on making the tough choices to consolidate overlapping and duplicative government services,” said Franks. “I have decided to enter the County Board Chairman’s race because McHenry County deserves a proven tax fighter as Chairman. I have spent my public career fighting all tax increases, and it’s that commitment that I will take to the county.”

The McHenry County Democratic Party met today and chose Franks to fill the ballot vacancy for County Board Chairman. He is now required to collect 270 signatures on a petition to place his name on the ballot. Franks, who lives in Marengo with his wife Debby and his two college-age sons, announced that he will not seek re-election to the General Assembly, instead he will focus his efforts on the campaign for Board Chairman. The Democratic Party has until late August to identify a replacement candidate for Franks in the 63rd legislative district.

“I am outraged by the County Board’s refusal to root out waste and fraud at the county. Instead of working to consolidate duplicative operations, they have fought against all consolidation, going so far as to spend tax dollars on lobbyists to fight my reform efforts,” said Franks. “As Chairman, I will put the needs of the taxpayers first. My record is clear, oppose tax increases, root out waste and fraud, and demand fiscal transparency and accountability in all county operations. I will challenge the status quo because I believe that truth and fairness still matter. No longer will the County Board make decisions based on the personal self-interest of the members.”

“Government at both the state and county level is not functioning. As I look at where I can do the most good, I have concluded that it’s time to leave Springfield and come home to lead the County Board. I’m 3rd generation McHenry county. I have witnessed McHenry County grow and prosper while the county board has not evolved. Our population and employment is now in decline and the county is at a crossroads. I am not willing to allow my opponent’s refusal to reform the county and their over reliance on tax increases to continue to put our future in jeopardy. “

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