Real courage

State Rep. Jack Franks’ efforts in Springfield are paying huge dividends for the citizens of McHenry County. Franks, who exposed the county board’s pension scheme, where part-time employees received full-time pensions, has passed a law to prohibit all future county board members from receiving pensions. Franks’ law also requires those members who wish to stay in the pension system to document their hours worked. Franks smartly put in a provision that county board members’ time sheets will now be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, thus allowing taxpayers to judge for themselves whether the board member was working or not.

Franks took away the same benefits for transit board members like Metra and Pace and is now extending his efforts to protect taxpayers from county boards.

It takes a person with real courage to take on a corrupt system and end a corrupt practice.

Holly Wendt

Wonder Lake