Reducing our taxes


To the Editor:

State Rep. Jack Franks passed landmark legislation that would end the practice of local governments getting annual automatic property tax increases. Franks’ bill received bipartisan support in passing the House and is under consideration in the Senate. Franks argued that government should not get more money from homeowners unless the voters approve an increase in the tax levy. Franks’ bill will require the government to prove it needs the additional funds and require that a referendum be passed if taxes are to be raised.

Franks understands that McHenry County homeowners are over-taxed and that the broken system must be reformed.

He will cut the county property tax levy by 10 percent and will encourage other elected bodies to do the same. Franks deserves our support to be the first elected chairman of the McHenry County Board for his common sense approach to reducing our taxes.

Robert Hoerter

Crystal Lake