June 6, 2016

Reducing Property Taxes in McHenry County

McState Representative Jack FranksHenry County residents know that Jack Franks is a tireless fighter against burdensome taxes. First elected on a no-tax-increase platform in 1998, Jack has won widespread community support for his strong record of never supporting a tax increase in his entire career in public service. He understands that the tax-and-spend status-quo has failed Illinois’ taxpayers; he is running for McHenry County Board Chairman to fight for taxpayers locally.  He will lower property taxes and oppose all tax and fee increases.

Jack is promoting an advisory referendum on the November 8, 2016 ballot which would freeze the county’s ability to raise taxes without voter approval.  Passage of Jack’s property tax freeze referendum would send a strong signal to county politicians that McHenry County families have had enough of high taxes and wasteful spending.

Once elected, Jack will move to reduce the county’s share of the property tax levy by 10% — a bold move to get McHenry County moving back in the right direction.   This will increase economic growth and employment and help keep families in their homes.

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Lots of politicians promise tax relief but do nothing once elected.  Jack’s opponent for McHenry County Board Chairman voted to significantly increase property taxes as a Trustee.  Jack Franks, however, has a proven 18 year record of fighting taxes:

  • Jack Franks stood against Governor Quinn and was instrumental in stopping further income tax hikes on hardworking families and small businesses.
  • Jack fought against the extension of the 2011 income tax increase and sponsored legislation to repeal it.
  • Jack fought to advance bills that would enhance penalties for property tax fraud and increase the rights of taxpayers in assessment appeal hearings. He believes that honest property owners should not be paying tax cheats’ bills.
  • Jack passed legislation to freeze the tax levies that townships are permitted to demand from taxpayers in 2015.
  • Jack worked with a bi-partisan coalition of legislators to advance a bill that would require the State of Illinois to pay its bills on time.
  • Jack passed legislation to increase the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption, helping seniors stay in their homes.