June 6, 2016

Rooting out Corruption in McHenry County

DSC06938As McHenry County Board Chairman, Jack will have a zero-tolerance policy on government corruption.  Jack has been praised by good-government organizations throughout his career for going after crooked politicians of both parties – and he will continue his tough, independent watchdog role at the county level.

Jack was the first lawmaker to speak out against disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich. As Chairman of the House State Government Administration Committee, Franks secured the first ever audit of a sitting governor and revealed many of the abuses of power for which Blagojevich was later impeached and imprisoned.

In the past few years, scandal after scandal hit the news about big taxpayer-funded state grants being wasted or pocketed by political insiders. Jack took prompt action to help protect taxpayers.  He passed legislation that requires all executive branch agencies to publish the value and recipients of all grants issued by each agency.  Jack supports similar transparency initiatives in county government so that the taxpayers know where all their tax dollars are going.

Jack believes that the process of government giving out special tax breaks to wealthy corporations can be rife with corruption and leave the taxpayers with a raw deal.  Oftentimes insiders profit from these deals while regular taxpayers have to make up the burden of corporations no longer paying their fair share.  As McHenry County Board Chairman, Jack will insist on full and comprehensive reporting on the costs and benefits of any tax breaks to corporations to make sure the politicians involved do not have corrupting conflicts-of-interest and that promised jobs are actually created.