October 7, 2016

Sample Email to Send Supporting Jack

Dear <Your Friends’s Name>:

Please join me in support of Jack Franks in his campaign to become the first elected McHenry County Board Chairman on Tuesday, November 8th.

Jack Franks is a third-generation McHenry County resident. He currently serves as State Representative where he works tirelessly to weed out corruption, and fights hard for McHenry County communities and businesses. Jack’s most recent impact to our community was ending pensions for elected county board members which will put taxpayers’ money to better use.

During his 18-year career as State Representative, Jack has NEVER supported tax increases. McHenry County already has some of the highest property tax levels compared to 99% of other counties in the nation. We also pay a higher percentage of our income in property taxes. Jack wants to build a stronger McHenry County by cutting our property taxes by 10% across every government body in the county, and we need to stand with him!

These are just a few of the reasons I’m asking you to vote for Jack on Tuesday, November 8th. As the candidate who is passionate about advocating for issues important to us, he is clearly the most qualified candidate in this race.

<Your Name>

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