Rep Jack Wants to Make Government More Efficient

Jack Franks Amends Bill to Ban Pensions for Future County Board Members

Cole Lauterbach on May 25th, 2016: A state representative is trying to get rid of the publicly funded pension for a position for which he’s running. State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, added an amendment to a state Senate bill that would ban all future county board members from applying for pensions through the Illinois Municipal Retirement [Read More]

Jack Franks: ‘Nobody goes home, nothing else gets worked on, let’s fix the budget.’

Greg Bishop – Illinois News Network: State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Woodstock, said nothing is more important than solving the budget crisis. “Understand that we’re spending every week more than $200 million more than what we’re bringing in,” Franks said. “We’re digging a deeper hole every day. It’s more than $30 million every day.” Franks said lawmakers should stay in [Read More]

Jack Franks’ Bill Would Stop Pension Double-Dipping

Cole Lauterbach – Illinois Radio Network on April 17th, 2016: Here’s an example of this practice: The Chicago suburb didn’t want to lose the experience of Police Chief Tim Hayden, but he had a full pension waiting for him. So they let him retire, start collecting his pension then hired him back under a different [Read More]

Springfield Makes Excuses While Franks Tries to Find Solutions

Greg Bishop – Illinois Radio Network on February 16, 2016: Last Thursday on the House floor Franks requested the governor to call a special session. Earlier in the week Governor Bruce Rauner said it wouldn’t work. Republican Representative Tim Butler told WMAY Springfield he’s worried about the additional cost. “My problem with special session is [Read More]