Letter: Franks for Chairman

Dorene Job of Crystal Lake on June 3rd, 2016: The Herald & Review, Southern Illinois’ leading newspaper, wrote an editorial about McHenry County state Rep. Jack Franks titled “Politics over governing.” It’s an important piece because it captures the essence of Franks’ importance as the true conscience of Illinois government. Franks nailed the spirit of [Read More]

Letter: Use Sound Fiscal Sense

Kenneth Linde of McHenry on June 2nd, 2016: Part-time jobs! Full-time pensions! No wonder there is a mass exodus from Illinois. When, how and why did serving the community become so lucrative? Public service is intended as just that, service to the community, not a way to pad one’s pocket for a part-time job. Rep. [Read More]

Democratic State Rep Jack Franks

Letter: No wonder Franks is leaving General Assembly

Congratulations to Rep. Jack Franks for his dramatic decision to leave the Illinois House of Representatives to run for chair of the McHenry County Board. The dysfunction created and exacerbated by the General Assembly’s “leadership” makes Illinois the laughingstock of the nation. National publications frequently cite Illinois as being hapless in solving pressing problems, and [Read More]

Jack Franks Wants Public Officials to Work for their Pension

Letter: Walkup and County Board Using the Law to Hide Their Greed

Bill Voce from Crystal Lake on May 28th, 2016: On March 15, Mike Walkup ran for two offices simultaneously, the first to retain his McHenry County Board seat, the second to be County Board chairman. He won both elections. At the March 17, 2016, County Board meeting, two days after becoming the Republican nominee for [Read More]

Letter: Rep. Jack Franks Shows Political Courage

Kathy Surges of Crystal Lake on May 21st, 2016: It is a rare thing to see someone with power willing to give it up for the greater good. That is exactly what happened when State Rep. Jack Franks passed a constitutional amendment that would allow for the voters to take the power of drawing legislative [Read More]