GUEST COLUMN: Coroner’s office mess the result of multiple failures

McHenry County taxpayers should be infuriated with the top-to-bottom dysfunction at the Coroner’s Office. Dual reports delivered since the departure of the former coroner paint a damning portrait of an office that is so broken that it cannot faithfully execute its statutory duties. The office tasked with determining cause of death and treating the bereaved [Read More]

Jack Franks Wants Public Officials to Work for their Pension

McHenry County Board chairman attacks recorder’s spending of office dollars

WOODSTOCK – The battle between McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks and Recorder Joe Tirio continues to brew. The latest shot arrived this past week in the form of a news release from Franks’ office, calling for “increased scrutiny” of Tirio’s spending of dollars out of the recorder’s automation fund – a surplus of about [Read More]

Committee continues discussion of cutting members from McHenry County Board

WOODSTOCK – McHenry County Board members met this week to continue ongoing discussions about reducing the size of the board. The essence of the Tuesday night meeting came down to the biggest question of a debate that’s been brewing across the county for months. “What’s the magic number?” McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks asked, [Read More]

Amid leadership changes, Franks proposes shifting McHenry County auditor duties

As the McHenry County auditor’s office prepares for new leadership, County Board Chairman Jack Franks has proposed shifting the department’s responsibilities to put a greater emphasis on investigating waste and fraud. Under his plan, which will be considered by the county board next week, the accounting and financial reporting duties previously performed by the auditor [Read More]