Democratic State Rep Jack Franks

Jack Franks Champions ‘Double-Dipping’ Pension Reform in Springfield

Madeleine Doubeck on May 3, 2016: State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, continues to push a bill, HB1334, that would require that future local police and fire employees notify a pension fund if he or she becomes a full-time employee of another system so that their retirement annuity can be suspended until they are no longer [Read More]

State Representative Jack Franks of Woodstock

Jack Franks Pension Reform Campaign Spreads to Springfield County

Bruce Rushton on May 2nd, 2016: Local elected officials due for pensions would have to keep logs showing that they have worked enough hours to qualify for pension benefits under a bill now pending in the state legislature. That could mean a lot of paperwork for local pols. Elected officials aren’t required to take pensions, but [Read More]

Jack Franks’ Bill Would Stop Pension Double-Dipping

Cole Lauterbach – Illinois Radio Network on April 17th, 2016: Here’s an example of this practice: The Chicago suburb didn’t want to lose the experience of Police Chief Tim Hayden, but he had a full pension waiting for him. So they let him retire, start collecting his pension then hired him back under a different [Read More]

Jack Franks Wants to Reform McHenry County

Pension Fund Investigating McHenry County Board Members

Bernie Tafoya on March 9th, 2016: The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund has sent a letter to the board, asking for proof that McHenry County Board members actually work enough hours each year to qualify for a pension. The fund requires employees work at least 1,000 hours a year to receive pensions. IMRF executive director Louis [Read More]

Jack Franks Requests Special Prosecutor to Investigate Possible Pension Fraud

Kevin Craver on March 4th, 2016: State Rep. Jack Franks officially asked McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi for a special prosecutor to investigate whether County Board members are working the 1,000 hours a year required to qualify for Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pensions. The letter, dated March 1 and delivered Friday, questions whether the [Read More]