State Representative Jack Franks

Rep. Jack Franks Bill Barring New Board Members from Collecting Pensions Passes House

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Jack D. Franks, D-Marengo, passed legislation unanimously through the House on Saturday that will prohibit newly elected part-time county board members from receiving pensions through the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF). “Public dollars should be spent on critical service and infrastructure, not on pensions for part-time board members who may [Read More]

State Rep Jack Franks

Jack Franks: Why I decided to leave the General Assembly

After 18 years in the Legislature, I announced that I would not seek re-election to the Illinois House of Representatives, instead deciding to run for chairman of the McHenry County Board. Leaving the Legislature was not an easy decision. Since first being elected state representative, I have spent my time talking to and working on [Read More]

Press Release: Jack Franks Enters Race for McHenry County Board Chairman

Reducing taxes and consolidating County’s bloated bureaucracy his top priorities: (Marengo, IL) – As McHenry County struggles with population and job loss due in large part to out of control property taxes, Jack Franks, State Representative for the 63rd District, today enters the race to become the first popularly elected McHenry County Board Chairman. “The [Read More]

Democratic State Rep Jack Franks

Jack Franks: No One Leaves Springfield Until Budget Crisis Resolved

Rep Jack Franks on January 20th, 2016: Illinois has more than 7,000 units of government; far more than any other state in the union. With so many taxing bodies, it’s no wonder Illinois also has some of the highest property taxes in the country and why we are paying more every year. As Illinois lags [Read More]