State Representative Jack Franks

Franks: Stopgap Budget Only Punts Our Deficit Problem

By Nick Blumberg on July 5th, 2016: The stopgap budget sailed through the General Assembly by a huge margin. Only four lawmakers voted no: Reps. Jack Franks (D-Woodstock), Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton), David McSweeney (R-Cary) and Thomas Morrison (R-Palatine). They join “Chicago Tonight” to explain their decision. Franks said the General Assembly’s vote was purely for political [Read More]

Jack Frank’s Pension Reforms Spread to DuPage County

By Robert Sanchez on June 10th, 2016: A DuPage County Board member is calling on the panel to withdraw from the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund ahead of a proposed state law that would end pensions for some elected positions. State Rep. Jack Franks, a Marengo Democrat, has proposed legislation that would prevent new county board [Read More]

Jack Franks: Real People are Going to Suffer. Real People are Going to Die.

By Eric Pianin on June 2nd, 2016: For years, the Land of Lincoln has led the nation in state budget shortfalls, pension fund crises and unpaid bills to public universities, schools, social service agencies, druggists and vendors. Back in January 2011, then-Democratic Governor Pat Quinn and the Democratic-controlled state legislature rushed to enact a major [Read More]

State Representative Jack Franks of Woodstock

Petty Democratic Politics Ruin IL Budget Deal

By Kim Geiger, Monique Garcia and Rick Pearson on May 31st, 2016: Several Senate Democrats, including some members of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, were unhappy with the budget blueprint Madigan muscled through the House last week, contending the longtime speaker too often dictates to them what the state budget will be. The bill failed, [Read More]

Jack Franks: Springfield Too Busy Getting Elected To Do Job

Sara Burnett on May 30th, 2016: Each side is preparing to spend millions as Rauner and other Republicans campaign to weaken the Democrats’ years-long dominance in the General Assembly. Republicans paint Democrats as interested only in raising taxes and opposing reforms, while the Democrats accuse the GOP of trying to help the wealthy at the [Read More]

Rep Jack Franks Works With Republicans for Needed Reforms

Illinois Needs a Serious, Long-Term Budget Fix

Editorial Board of Rockford Register Star on May 28th, 2016: That Mike Madigan. He’s such a jokester. He and the other Democrats in the Illinois House of Representatives should open their own comedy club. It would give Second City a run for its money. Speaking of money, that budget Speaker of the House Madigan and [Read More]

Rep Jack Wants to Make Government More Efficient

Jack Franks Amends Bill to Ban Pensions for Future County Board Members

Cole Lauterbach on May 25th, 2016: A state representative is trying to get rid of the publicly funded pension for a position for which he’s running. State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, added an amendment to a state Senate bill that would ban all future county board members from applying for pensions through the Illinois Municipal Retirement [Read More]

State Rep Jack Franks

Jack Franks: Why I decided to leave the General Assembly

After 18 years in the Legislature, I announced that I would not seek re-election to the Illinois House of Representatives, instead deciding to run for chairman of the McHenry County Board. Leaving the Legislature was not an easy decision. Since first being elected state representative, I have spent my time talking to and working on [Read More]

Jack Franks: Stop Putting Politics Over Governing

Gary Sawyer on May 22nd 2016: Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, nailed the spirit of Illinois politics with this quote as he announced he would not seek another term and instead seek election as county board chairman. “Both sides suffer under the delusion that it’s OK that real people get hurt as long as the other [Read More]

Letter: Rep. Jack Franks Shows Political Courage

Kathy Surges of Crystal Lake on May 21st, 2016: It is a rare thing to see someone with power willing to give it up for the greater good. That is exactly what happened when State Rep. Jack Franks passed a constitutional amendment that would allow for the voters to take the power of drawing legislative [Read More]

Jack Franks: ‘Nobody goes home, nothing else gets worked on, let’s fix the budget.’

Greg Bishop – Illinois News Network: State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Woodstock, said nothing is more important than solving the budget crisis. “Understand that we’re spending every week more than $200 million more than what we’re bringing in,” Franks said. “We’re digging a deeper hole every day. It’s more than $30 million every day.” Franks said lawmakers should stay in [Read More]

State Representative Jack Franks of Woodstock

Jack Franks Pension Reform Campaign Spreads to Springfield County

Bruce Rushton on May 2nd, 2016: Local elected officials due for pensions would have to keep logs showing that they have worked enough hours to qualify for pension benefits under a bill now pending in the state legislature. That could mean a lot of paperwork for local pols. Elected officials aren’t required to take pensions, but [Read More]