Letter: Rep. Jack Franks Shows Political Courage

Kathy Surges of Crystal Lake on May 21st, 2016: It is a rare thing to see someone with power willing to give it up for the greater good. That is exactly what happened when State Rep. Jack Franks passed a constitutional amendment that would allow for the voters to take the power of drawing legislative [Read More]

Illinois House Backs Democratic Redistricting Amendment

Dave McKinney on May 3rd, 2016 Since Democrats controlled the state legislature and the governor’s office after the 2010 census, they won the once-a-decade right to draw new legislative district boundaries. The process enabled the party to build super-majorities in both the Senate and House. “The power we presently have is only to protect incumbents,” [Read More]

Springfield is Broken

Jack Franks Trying to Take Lawmakers Out of District Mapping Process

Mike Riopell on April 18th, 2016: The proposal from state Rep. Jack Franks, a Marengo Democrat, is asking lawmakers to take themselves out of the process that draws the borders of the districts from which they’re elected. Instead of lawmakers and a governor redrawing the map after every census, the Illinois Supreme Court would appoint [Read More]