State Representative Jack Franks

Franks: Stopgap Budget Only Punts Our Deficit Problem

By Nick Blumberg on July 5th, 2016: The stopgap budget sailed through the General Assembly by a huge margin. Only four lawmakers voted no: Reps. Jack Franks (D-Woodstock), Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton), David McSweeney (R-Cary) and Thomas Morrison (R-Palatine). They join “Chicago Tonight” to explain their decision. Franks said the General Assembly’s vote was purely for political [Read More]

Franks: Stopgap Budget Will Solve Nothing

By Greg Hinz on July 2, 2016: Ultimately, though, I suspect the governor is going to have to pare back his expectations about how much of his pro-business, union-weakening Turnaround Agenda he wants. The state budget is still wildly out of balance, and we go further into hock every day, with the state’s backlog of [Read More]

Rep Jack Franks Works With Republicans for Needed Reforms

Budget Stopgap A Raw Deal for Illinois Taxpayers

By Sarah Schulte and Laura Podesta on June 30th, 2016: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a series of stopgap budget bills to ensure schools open in the fall and fund state services for the next six months. Two CPS-related bills were also signed into law: a $215 million pension pickup for the Chicago teachers’ pension [Read More]

Democratic State Rep Jack Franks

Stopgap Budget Political Theater, Not A Solution

By Elizabeth Campbell on June 28th, 2016: If both sides can’t agree on some kind of education funding and don’t pass any state aid, Chicago’s schools and other districts through the state have said they won’t be able to open on time.  Both parties have advocated for about $650 million to social service providers, which [Read More]

Jack Franks Calling for Probe of Illinois Lottery

By Casey Bischel and Mike Fitzgerald on June 11th, 2016: A state lawmaker is calling for an investigation of the Illinois Lottery after a recent audit revealed it had violated the state finance law. The audit found that the Lottery circumvented the state’s budget impasse by prepaying $20 million to take part in future multistate [Read More]

Jack Frank’s Pension Reforms Spread to DuPage County

By Robert Sanchez on June 10th, 2016: A DuPage County Board member is calling on the panel to withdraw from the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund ahead of a proposed state law that would end pensions for some elected positions. State Rep. Jack Franks, a Marengo Democrat, has proposed legislation that would prevent new county board [Read More]

Rep Jack Franks Works With Republicans for Needed Reforms

Our View: Things Could Get Worse, And Will

Editorial Board on June 7th, 2016: Illinois is less than four weeks away from beginning a new fiscal year without a budget … for the second consecutive year. It’s gone all of fiscal 2016 without a budget, yet is spending billions more than it’s bringing in because the courts had to step in due to [Read More]

Despite Gridlock, Jack Franks Calls for Pension Reform Getting Results

 By Bernard Schoenburg on June 4th, 2016: Despite indications to the contrary, the Illinois General Assembly can sometimes act quickly when there’s a path to clear up an obvious problem. So it was with the issue of part-time members of county boards getting pensions through the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. State Rep. JACK FRANKS, D-Marengo, [Read More]

Jack Franks: Real People are Going to Suffer. Real People are Going to Die.

By Eric Pianin on June 2nd, 2016: For years, the Land of Lincoln has led the nation in state budget shortfalls, pension fund crises and unpaid bills to public universities, schools, social service agencies, druggists and vendors. Back in January 2011, then-Democratic Governor Pat Quinn and the Democratic-controlled state legislature rushed to enact a major [Read More]

IL House & Senate pass Bill Opening Access to Closed Session Recordings

June 1st, 2016: On the last day of session, the House unanimously concurred with Senate Floor Amendment No. 2 to HB4630. This Bill to amend the Open Meetings Act has had unanimous support thru the entire process with comments from legislators such as “I can’t believe elected officials are denied access” and “isn’t this already in [Read More]

Jack Franks Bill Allowing Consolidation for McHenry County Headed to Governor

By Kevin P. Craver on May 31st, 2016: A bill that seeks to give the McHenry and Lake county boards the power to eliminate certain appointed local governments is headed to the governor’s desk for his signature. The Illinois House over the weekend approved an amendment to House Bill 229, a measure that has been [Read More]

State Representative Jack Franks of Woodstock

Petty Democratic Politics Ruin IL Budget Deal

By Kim Geiger, Monique Garcia and Rick Pearson on May 31st, 2016: Several Senate Democrats, including some members of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, were unhappy with the budget blueprint Madigan muscled through the House last week, contending the longtime speaker too often dictates to them what the state budget will be. The bill failed, [Read More]